We support the agreement amongst the independent girls’ schools in Johannesburg to play most sport is grades (except tennis), reduce competition between schools and emphasise maximum participation and enjoyment. Participation in one sport per season is compulsory in order to provide girls with the opportunity to experience as many sports as possible in order to find their niche and benefit from being active from a young age. Achieving competence in swimming receives specific attention due to being regarded as a vital life skill. There is provision for all levels of swimmers in the summer sports programme, from beginners to the A 50m team. Social soccer has been successfully introduced and we have expanded the programme to include participation in the Saints Prep Festival (tennis and netball), St Mary’s DSG Hockey Festival and the KZN Catholic Schools Winter Sports Festival (tennis, hockey and netball) at Our Lady of Fatima in Durban North.


Summer: Swimming, Tennis and Cross Country
(Equestrian is an external activity with opportunities for school representation).
Athletics (third term only)
Winter:       Hockey and Netball