PRE-PRIMARY (Grade 00 and 0)

During the Pre-Primary years, children need to develop their senses, including their proprioceptive and vestibular senses. Learning in the young child is best done through play, using as many of the senses as possible. Our sand and water-play, Mud Kitchen, trampolines, sensory trays, balancing pathways, outdoor xylophones, etc. are all free play, child-guided activities. These activities develop both sides of the brain through experimenting, discovering, creating and problem-solving.

As the life of young children after school hours has become more sedentary, with an increase of screen time, we make sure that our girls have plenty of movement throughout the school day. This is done through the “Phys Ed to Go” programme, activities within the classroom, time in the large playhouse and plenty of free play time outdoors. Our playground and daily activities are continually evolving to include these opportunities for our girls. Jarring movement, specific spatial movement, engaging the vestibular system, balancing, twisting and sensory opportunities are all promoted.

A solid foundation of pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-mathematics skills are developed during play and classroom activities. The Numicon system is also used for added concrete experience for pre-mathematics concepts.

A healthy self-esteem is paramount to the child developing to her full potential. The social, emotional and spiritual development of the young child is consciously nurtured throughout the school day, through interactions with peers and teachers in a well-regulated, structured, but informal and gentle setting.

The girls enjoy Music, Drama, Zulu and Library lessons, given by specialists, as part of their weekly programme. In the third term, the Grade 0 girls are introduced to the school pool, which is solar-heated, however, it is vital that children also attend private swimming lessons.

A Learning Centre with a team of therapists is available on the property. This provides support for girls needing extra attention in certain developmental areas. The teachers work closely with the therapists, ensuring follow-through from therapist to classroom and vice-versa.

A stimulating environment ensures that our girls develop a desire to learn, because learning through play is so much fun!