Our Grade 1 to 3 Sport Programme aims to develop competence in the child to perform gross motor skills at an age appropriate level, in preparation for competitive sports at a later stage. Enjoyment is a large focus of the Sports Programme together with the development of self-confidence and the enthusiasm to take part in physical activities.


Games are introduced to the children in Junior Primary as an introduction to Sport. It is here that the children develop teamwork, sportsmanship and co-operation in a physical, fun environment. Participation is key to learning in this phase and all children are given the opportunity to participate. During this time, sporting skills are developed and by Grade 3 children are starting to take part in selected competitive interschool events.


Physical Education complements the Sports Programme with the focus in Junior Primary being on gross motor skills, movement, games and ball skills (including tennis). All our lessons are stimulating and promote a feeling that physical fitness is fun, which in turn, develops a desire to want to participate in sports later on.

‘Phys. Ed to Go’ is included in the school timetable to enhance the physical development of the Grade 0 and 00 children. This has a direct bearing on their academic skills. As Physical Education classes are integral to the complete education of each child, the lessons are incorporated into the school day.

School sports offered are:


• Athletics
• Cross country
• Netball
• Swimming
• Tennis


• Hockey
• Netball