St Teresa’s is a hidden little jewel in the heart of bustling Rosebank, a jewel that has been offering young women a quality education since 1930.

Being part of this fine school is a bit like looking at a glorious stained glass window from inside a church.  From the outside, one can admire the colours of the glass, the intricate design, the superb craftsmanship and the inspirational picture… But once one is on the inside, part of the Rosie family, one can see the true beauty, the jewelled colours, be inspired by the warmth that emanates from the glass, and feel captivated by the whole picture. Being part of the St Teresa’s family is to feel part of a caring family, to admire the stained glass window from the inside.

At St Teresa’s, our girls have a special something too, a special quality that comes from starting off as a Rosebud and over the years, learning how to be a true Rosie. A true Rosie has been nurtured and raised on the values, manners and spirituality that will stand her in good stead forever. Our girls are noticeable for their strength of character, their sense of servant leadership, their inner beauty, joy and self-confidence, which allows them to succeed in the world without feeling the need to better themselves at the expense of another. Every girl is recognised for the qualities that she brings to the group, and her individuality is acknowledged and allowed to prosper.

We send our girls into the world knowing that they have been nurtured, fed and watered, and have flourished into glorious roses. This is why we are proud that the Rose is the symbol of St Teresa’s.

Mrs Elsa de Bod
Principal: High School