Message from our Head Girls: Term 1, 2021

The end of yet another term calls us to reflect on all the experiences gathered. Our first term of leadership has truly been one of growth and love. Some of our golden experiences include the Social Media Rosie Takeover and the Theme Launch, amongst others.


Welcoming our new Grade 8 Rosebuds into our Rosie Community was the biggest goal for the Compassion Pillar, and we achieved this successfully through our Orientation Week. It was a week full of fun and excitement where meaningful bonds were created. As the Head of Compassion, I have had a term filled with many exciting highs and stamina-building lows. Looking back at my term, I am flooded with joy at the awesome things we have achieved as a pillar.


The matrics of St Teresa’s followed up with tradition by performing a theme launch for the rest of the school. This launch caused our grade to grow much closer during this difficult time.

With the slow start to the year,  matrics agreed that our launch must be amazing so as to  motivate the other grades and ourselves. This year’s theme is very different from themes of the previous years.  This is because the word that describes our theme was coined by the matric class of 2021.

The word is berdahsmurdagurda, it means making sense of the senseless. As we move into a new normal because of this pandemic this word reminds us not to fear uncertainty and not to be scared when things make no sense. This idea, that has never been done before, motivated us to perform our absolute best and therefore the launch was a huge success.

Many of the grades felt good after watching our launch and they were also relieved to know the meaning of the word.  The week of the launch berdashmurdagurda was announced in every morning assembly and there were stories told about this word.

We knew that before the Launch, no one would  know what the word meant which also helped us build the intensity and the excitement of our Launch.


Lockdown has highlighted an ever growing need for a greater sense of global responsibility in society whether it be through environmentally friendly eco-habits, social awareness around important, and sometimes controversial topics, or even the following of Covid-19 protocols. The Global Responsibility Pillar has acknowledged this growing need and has endeavoured to increase awareness and action amongst the girls. The main environmental project, run by the environmental committee, running through the school is the collection of eco-bricks. Eco-bricks are 2 litre plastic bottles that are packed tightly with non-recyclable materials and these ‘bricks’ can then be used as the foundation for various structures. Alongside the environmental initiatives, the social awareness committee has placed posters around the school and have filled the various boards with information surrounding numerous topics. This committee hopes to have discussions with the girls in a more interactive environment next term in order to spread awareness. Lastly, the public relations committee has made sure that all the school regulations, as well as the Covid-19 protocols, have been maintained by the girls. We hope to keep the spirit going and to begin new and exciting initiatives in the upcoming term.

It is during times like these that the most innovative and solution driven ideas come to the forefront. At the heart of these innovations is the SRC (Student Representative Council), who have sought to bring about effective change within the school environment during these unprecedented times. One of the council’s biggest achievements has been the academic tutoring program – a program in which students are able to tutor those in the grades below them in exchange for community service hours. Furthermore, the SRC has worked tirelessly to provide the girls with more opportunities for community service, environmental change, interactive events and monitoring of the general well being of the girls and is highly commended for their outstanding efforts in representing the girls with enthusiasm and insightfulness.


It has been a term filled with challenges but it has also been a term filled with thoughtfulness, innovation and success. We owe many thanks to the mentors we had guiding us along the way! We look forward to the upcoming term and all the potential successes that lie ahead!