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The art world can be an intimidating and exclusive space which often deters willing, affluent, buyers from participating. START will aim to bridge the gap in the art world for young art collectors who are looking for affordable art, students needing guidance on how to pursue a career in art and families who want to foster an appreciation for art with their own children but can't do this through the existing formal mediums of contemporary fairs and galleries. 


On Saturday, 8 September 2018, the festival will take visitors on a journey through various art mediums from production to curation, in paint to virtual reality. 


With a focus on women in art, this inaugural event will host emerging artists in an exhibition space, a print pop up, workshops, illustrators, a talks programme and interactive installations. The space will facilitate an opportunity for all visitors from children to adults to participate in various workshops.


Our partnership with The Keyes Art Mile and the proximity to the established galleries in Rosebank makes St Teresa’s the perfect location to host an event where families and a younger audience can share their appreciation for art during the cultural highlight of the year, Art Week Joburg. 


For enquiries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.