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Intermediate Educational

Intermediate Educational

Extra mural activities are offered to enhance each girl’s skills and talents. Not every child is sporty or musical, so a more academic programme is included in afternoon activities to allow girls to socialise with children from different grades whilst stimulating their brains.

There are a number of clubs and activities that will appeal to a variety of learners. Chess is a most successful activity. Girls put their brains against one another as well as the occasional inter-school challenge.

Wild life club encourages our girls to care for and respect the greater part of our beautiful world. Guest speakers as well as a huge variety of activities take place during this popular extra mural slot.

English and Mathematics extension lessons are offered to all grades where assistance is given to learners who may be struggling with a particular concept, or to extend a child who is a high achiever.  

Computer club takes place twice a week and offers girls the opportunity to hone their creative computer skills, do research work for projects as well as offering extension programmes in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans. These programmes are ‘self-help’ programmes where learners are able to work at their own pace and ability.

A book club is offered to our avid readers who exchange information and recommend books to their peers.

As can be seen by this comprehensive programme, there is an activity to suit every child and cover all types of learners’ quests for extra knowledge and stimulation.