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Intermediate Cultural

Intermediate Cultural

St Teresa’s strives to assist girls to have a holistic education. The academic level is well monitored and we offer a variety of cultural activities.

Monday afternoons are specifically set aside so that girls who take part in sport also have the opportunity to take part in cultural activities too.

These include art club where a variety of creative mediums and genres are explored. For the musically-inclined learner there is a wide variety of areas that can be enjoyed. The school has an active choir that sings at important functions as well as various choir festivals and evening performances.

One of the most popular activities is our marimba groups. Girls start marimabas in Grade 4 and by Grade 6 can competently accompany the choir and other musical instruments. These instruments include piano, recorder, drums, guitar, violin and cello. We have a number of competent teachers who specialise in these instruments.

Part of the cultural programme taught in school as well as an extra mural activity is drama. The girls thoroughly enjoy a comprehensive programme which explores many different dramatic fields. Every second year a whole school production is presented, as well as entry into Eisteddfod, poetry readings, and Glee Club, which allows the girls to emulate their pop idols. This sound foundation is important at the Intermediate Phase level as girls who wish to pursue a career in the dramatic arts are able to take Drama as a Matric subject.

We encourage as many girls as possible to join in these lovely activities.