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Intermediate Academic Program Overview

Intermediate Academic Program Overview

St Teresa’s prides itself on its service to learners by offering a holistic education. In line with this holistic education, St Teresa’s has built up a reputation of academic excellence.

The Intermediate Phase follows the CAPS documents to a point. Our experienced educators marry both CAPS and the best areas of an extended programme. We are not driven by CAPS but ensure that it forms a part of the children’s extended learning programme.

At the beginning of each year all learners write a Literacy and Numeracy test to see if they are progressing at the correct pace and that there are no areas of concern. This also gives the teachers an idea of the progress being made in each grade in a year.

Learners are taught in mixed ability classes. Learners are encouraged to develop a sound work ethic and small class sizes allow for individual attention. Academic support is available to learners in every subject. If any academic concerns are raised by a teacher, communication with a parent/s is done immediately.

Assessments are done consistently throughout the year. Educators vary the type of assessment frequently so as to give every child an opportunity to achieve according to their learning needs. Summative assessments are done at the end of the year. These are seen as a low-key event, so as to guide and educate our girls on correct exam procedure and enhance their learning skills.

A Study Skills programme is presented to all learners each year to assist them when revising for tests or more comprehensive assessments. These skills are taken up a level each year to give our learners the opportunity to find the correct method of studying for the individual learner.

Our academic staff are highly qualified, and continual professional development is emphasised. All teachers are SACE registered. Performance evaluation is an ongoing process to ensure that the needs of the learners are being met by the staff.