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High School Sport

High School Sport

The main purpose of sport at St Teresa’s School is to provide each individual learner with the knowledge and experience to be Active for Life.  Throughout the school the focus will be on providing opportunities for participation, enjoyment and excellence.

Sport is divided into three areas: Physical Education (including Life Skills/Orientation), competitive sport and development/social sport.  The Sports Department, headed by the Sports Co-ordinator, is responsible for the organisation and implementation of all three areas of sport.   Physical Education is a curricular activity, in which all learners are required to participate, and competitive and development / social sports are co-curricular activities, in which all learners are strongly encouraged to participate and regard as an extension of the school day.  

  • Active participation throughout school is strongly encouraged because it
  • correlates positively with improved academic performance,
  • increases the likelihood of the individual becoming an active adult,
  • reduces the risk factor of contracting at least 4 lifestyle related chronic diseases by 30 – 50%, and
  • Makes you happy

Source: Discovery Health:

Physical Education

Our curriculum focuses on age-appropriate lessons, which are based on CAPS and Long Term Participant Development.  In the Foundation Phase learners are taught FUNdamental movement and sports skills.  This forms an important base from which to develop skills and training techniques in the Intermediate Phase, with a view to developing performance and team strategies during the course of High School.  


The sports programme caters for competitive and social sportswomen by providing as many opportunities as possible for participation within the structure of the local leagues, events that are organised by the Catholic Schools Sports Council and festivals and tournaments to which we are invited by specific host schools.

Sports offered:

Summer:    Swimming, Tennis and Squash (Equestrian and Diving as external activities with opportunities for school representation).  Athletics (third term only)
Winter:    Hockey, Netball and Cross Country.