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Foundation Phase Cultural

Foundation Phase Cultural

Extra mural activities – Cultural

At the Foundation Phase we encourage our girls to participate as fully as possible in the Extra-Mural Programme which is offered from Grade 1 to Grade 3.

Girls are encouraged to select activities on offer which will develop understanding and an interest in areas that are not necessarily covered by the normal school curriculum.

During the course of a week the girls enjoy the mental acrobatics of Board Games and Chess, or expressing their musicality in Recorder, Guitar, Choir and Chimes. Science and Nature gives girls the opportunity to explore the world around them and encourages them to develop inquisitive minds. Media and Computers provide quiet time to develop a love of literature and their all important IT skills. Folk Dancing transports the girls to a time when life was less hectic and the simple pleasure of dancing together to traditional music was the highlight of rural life.

In addition, specialists in Ballet, Karate, Guitar and Piano offer lessons to our pupils on a private basis, further extending the Extra-Mural Programme.

Our Extra-Mural Programme affords the girls an opportunity to “taste” a wide variety of activities in a familiar environment, with many choosing to develop their love of the Arts into their Intermediate Phase and High School careers and beyond.

Despite being so young the Grade 00 and 0 classes also have a programme of activities, appropriate to their young age. This involves Ballet and Karate which help promote physical strength, agility and a sense of rhythm, as well as CMaths which improves a child’s problem solving ability, mental and memory capacity and  improves their concentration and listening skills.