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Application Procedure

Documents may be emailed or delivered to the relevant school office.

For security reasons documents may only be dropped off at the school between 08:30 and 12:00 on weekdays.

Download the application form.  Once completed please send to the Admissions officer together with:

1.  Copies of your daughter’s:

     Birth Certificate
     Baptism Certificate (if she is Catholic)
     First Holy Communion Certificate (if she is Catholic)
     School Report

2.  Application Fee or proof of payment of Application fee if paid by EFT

3.  Copies of ID documents of Mother / Father / Guardian and Sponsor (if applicable)
     A letter of commitment from the Sponsor, if your daughter is being sponsored.

All girls applying for Grade 7 - 12 write assessment tests and have an interview with the admissions committee.  You will then be advised of the status of your application via written correspondence.