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Message from the Head of School

St Teresa’s is an intimate, nurturing school of academic excellence, as well as sporting and cultural prowess, situated in the heart of Rosebank (Intermediary Phase and High School) and in Craighall Park (Foundation Phase). We are an Independent Catholic Girls’ Mercy School whose values are collaboration, compassion, excellence, global responsibility and spiritual development.

We began the year on a celebratory note with our outstanding Matric results. I am extremely proud of the Class of 2017 who outdid themselves. My sincere congratulations to the teachers and parents. Accolades are due to all those who influenced each girl’s life, from her early childhood development, to the sophisticated teaching and rigorous preparation of the Matric teachers. We celebrated a 100% Bachelor’s Degree pass rate and 153 distinctions from 51 candidates - an average of 3 distinctions per candidate. Romy Sapire achieved 9 distinctions and was placed in the top 1 % of IEB candidates nationally in 6 or more subjects. Nine girls achieved 6 or more distinctions. We were thrilled for our girls.


It is an exciting year of change for us at St Teresa’s, especially for the Intermediary Phase, with the demolition of the old south block on the corner of Keyes and Tyrwhitt Avenues, and a state-of-the-art construction of an exquisite new building, which is in keeping with the St Teresa’s heritage and architecture.


We are very excited to introduce a number of innovations this year, many of which reflect the outcome of last year’s questionnaires to girls, staff and parents, as well as international trends:

The modular system in the Junior Phase will encourage deeper learning, stronger relationships and far less homework. A subject new to the school is STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics will utilize technology on a cross-curricular basis.


This year is such an exciting one for the school – we will host our inaugural START Festival, showcasing local artists on Saturday 8 September 2018. This should prove to be a fun-filled day to feast on art with the whole family. We have secured many affordable young, up-and-coming, as well as community artists to exhibit on the day. We will also be having lectures, classes and activities for the whole family. This date coincides with the Johannesburg Art Week, and, with St Teresa’s situated on Keyes Avenue Art Mile, it is most fitting that we participate in such an appropriate manner. There will be activities for everyone of all ages, and, while mum and dad browse, or enjoy some champagne and salmon, the youngsters can play or be creative, in a safe environment.


St Teresa’s will join forces with our brother school, St David’s, in a joint production. Drama, Music and Art are important subjects and activities at the school, and this collaboration with St David’s is a highlight of every year. We look forward to the show at the end of March 2018.


The 2017 Matrics were superb, and their legacy continues through to our energetic, innovative and accomplished Class of 2018. My message to the girls at Assembly was simple: work as hard as possible from the start. Grade Head, Mrs Carmen Huckle welcomed the younger High School girls with two pieces of advice: give of your best, and BE KIND!


We are blessed to have so much going for us and we are grateful for the opportunity that our loving home of St Teresa’s gives us. When you focus on POSSIBILITIES instead of problems … you will see more OPPORTUNITIES in your life. Grab every opportunity in 2018!


Catherine Hamilton

Head of School


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