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Head of School

Welcome to St Teresa’s School.  
The High School and Intermediary Phases are situated in Keyes Avenue, located in the new and dynamic Rosebank precinct and has at its heart the beautiful and serene building of the Rosebank Catholic Church. The Craighall campus for Grade 00 – 3 is tucked away and is a place of love, peace and family – the little girls are sweet-natured, excellent readers and budding tennis players and musicians. The school is Catholic faith-based environment that was founded in 1930, but we are offer places  inter-denominationally, teaching girls the philosophy begun by Catherine Mc Cauley – the ethos of the Sisters of Mercy.  
The school is a dynamic, innovative environment, steeped in deep traditions and strong Christian faith. We have a dedicated, caring staff and a wonderful school community of parents, girls; the Sisters of Mercy and the congregation. Our strategic vision for the school going forward is to retain superb academic results, including unsurpassed Science Expo, Public Speaking, and Olympiad results. We teach the girls to think research and question and are throwing ourselves whole-heartedly into a well-structured, cognitive education programme. St Teresa’s offers many sports and uses the excellent facilities of the Wanderers Club for Hockey and Squash. We offer a large number of subject including Afrikaans and Zulu, Accounting and Business Studies, IT and CAT as well as Music, Drama Art – we cater for all and pride ourselves in being an inclusive school with strong support on offer. Our technological innovations are guided by a strong, insightful, mindful team. Devices are used to enhance learning, not just for their own sake.
We welcome girls from all over Johannesburg who want to be taught in a place that places values over materialism. We encourage a love for God, good morals, strong ethic, sound principles, a love of learning and the desire to think, question and problem-solve.  It is a pleasure to be at the Helm of St Teresa’s, a school about to soar!

Catherine Hamilton
Head of St Teresa's School